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Which answers these chapter challenges:

  • How to engage more members                
  • Compete and win training dolllars, that go to local colleges, business and a pleather of online competitors
  • Present a truly professional-development program without having to create it, test it out and hope it works
  • Create non-dues revenue without raising overhead
  • Having enough trained volunteers for committees and task forces

Answering these challenges and more since 1996 in 27 non-profit construction associations like yours. 

You’ll be an even bigger hero by having
your chapter’s own private-labeled-leadership program. You choose the name. We supply the proven-curriculum and seasoned instructor.

Executive Director Perspectives

Len Toenjes, Executive Director AGCMO
It’s rare to see this level of member endorsement for any type of training. When I visit the classroom I hear it first-hand from participants. All thumbs up! You’ll love hearing owners tell you their people are not just pumped up -- they see behavior improvement. If you need more reasons why this is a Grand-Slam for your chapter feel free to call me - 314-781-2356”      

Tim Worke, Executive Director, AGC of Minnesota
“If we don’t start doing a better job of engaging the newer generations, there won’t be a future for AGC chapters. We needed this program on board years ago. This truly gets them involved and seeing more value in membership. Classes sellout after the first series.”

Doug McMurry, San Antonio Chapter AGC
“Providing professional development is an AGC core value. Ken brings us a proven, turnkey offering that members absolutely love. It’s a No-Brainer. Hands down the most popular leadership training we’ve ever seen.”

Chad Kleppe, Master Builders of Iowa, AGC Executive Director
“2018 marks our 14th year with Ken Bradford’s leadership series. It is simply a home run and a welcome addition to our education program. He helps members with skills not found in other courses, like professional presentation skills, how to remember names, run better meetings, and listening ability. We’ve had to do very little promotion. Classes fill mostly from member referral.”  

"Also, I want to pass on an interesting bit of information. I was looking at our new MBI Board of Directors and found that of the 13 current members, six have gone through this leadership program. In fact, three of the current 5-person Executive Committee are past graduates. This is a testament that our idea of nurturing young leaders, helps sustain and grow the organization. Your contributions in this effort are of tremendous value and I am glad you were in it on the ground floor!"

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Don Greenwell, Executive Director, Builders’ Association Kansas City, MO.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well your members receive this program. Call me if you have any doubts about how this builds your chapter.  816.595.4161” 

Bill Frey, Executive Director, AGC Illinois
“In December 2015 I traveled to Iowa City to watch Ken do his session with the AGC of Iowa. Within 10 minutes I knew he was the real deal and not some talk over your head philosopher. I was not bringing back to our chapter a self-development course, I knew I was bringing back one of the BEST professional development courses I’d seen in my 34 years in management. I then had him in to speak at our convention In January and our first class in March sold out a month early. The feedback from board members and the participants is fantastic. I welcome any AGC director calling me to find out what this program means to your members.” Cell:217-789-2651

Andy Warren, Vice President, AGC of Iowa
“Members tell us this is the most exciting and beneficial educational program we have ever had. It helped us win the AGC Cashman Award for Best Member Benefit Programs. Bringing members together in the chapter’s name is especially important to us.”

Dana Marsh San Antonio Chapter of AGC
“One of my easiest classes to put together. “Ken is dependable, always shows up early, and is fun to work with. Plus it makes money for our chapter. If you are doing the work of providing educational programs for a non-profit construction association, feel free to call me with questions”

Caleb McCandless, Professional Development Manager, Builders’ Association Kansas City, MO. 
"We are excited to have Ken back to lead The Builders’ Leadership Course for the third straight year this fall. He is great to work with, and the response from members has been outstanding. Please feel free to contact me regarding any specifics or questions you might have." | direct: 816.595.4161

Paul Smith, MSEd, Vice President Workforce Development, AGC of Missouri
“After reading the evaluations all I could say was “WOW. These guys are hungry for more of this type of training.” Direct 314.644.1525

Merry Beckmann, Director of Member Services, AGC of Minnesota.
“This fall AGC of Minnesota begins its fifth year of the Leadership Blueprint, where we take 20 emerging leaders and put them through six months of industry and, most importantly 20 hours of self-development training led by Ken Bradford. The preparation for each year has been nothing short of delightful and the reward comes when I meet the class and spend the next five months with them, learning more about each one professionally and personally. We have graduated nearly 100 new leaders now! When I see any one of them we greet one another with a hug and total appreciation for what they learned. The leadership course and its graduates gives me hope for the future of commercial construction.”

Micah Loveless, Director of Sales and Programing, Master Builders of Iowa.
Our CEO members all tell me that Ken’s leadership program has been a massive benefit to their companies.”

Micah Loveless relates AGC member feedback


Gina Swackhammer, Member Services Coordinator, AGC of Iowa
Ken is just easy to work with. He is dependable, shows up on time, follows through and his class is the easiest one to fill.”

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