Bid Presentation Coaching


Do any of these statements describe your presentation team?

  • Uncomfortable speaking to groups
  • Spend too much time presenting what they’ve done and less about what the customer wants done
  • Trouble sounding different and better than competition
  • Lack a convincing display of teamwork
  • Often receive the similar questions in Q&A but rarely prepare and rehearse their best answers
  • Awkward openers, transitions and closes
  • Want to engage listeners more
  • Rehearsals are essentially only about who does what part
  • Often feel rushed for time or goes over allotted time
  • Lack formal training in bid-presentation speaking skills

Being a former big-chicken at public speaking, I know what it’s like to stand up and have your brains sit down! Now my joy is helping others crash through the fear and find a new freedom for self-expression, so they can better sell trust, competence and new construction jobs.

“I would of rather eaten a live tarantula than speak to groups. Now I almost enjoy public speaking!”
– Butch Anderson, PM, The Beck Group

Excellent contractors with the best team, ready to take on the work, often lose to a lesser competitor because of an average or poor presentation. Is this fair? Maybe not, but it’s the way many large projects are awarded. Those that learn to play the game well are rewarded. Those that just show up and do their best can still do okay, but they waste a lot of time with fewer wins.

“Whether you’re saying a few words, making a presentation, or giving the talk of your career – you’ll want to be comfortable and prepared. Let Ken Bradford work his magic on you!”
– Bruce Wheeless, C.O.O. GE Capital.

Ken Bradford was named by PBS-TV as “One of the world’s foremost speaker trainers that can move you up to the next level, no matter where you are today”
– Dennis McCuistion, The McCuistion Hour show.


  1. Distribute a Pre-training Presentation Needs Assessment to
    your key ambassadors. Download Now
  2. Issue Fearless & Persuasive Speaking book for advance reading.
  3. Announce dates and details for 2 days of coaching and practice


No time for training? Got a big bid on the horizon and want a second opinion? Or just want to polish the regulars and take them to the next level?

Simply take a phone and video a recent bid presentation or a rehearsal. Minimum length 15 minutes. Send it to me. (Many GCs have every bid over a million reviewed)

Here’s the dropbox link:
My email address is:

Discover 30 additional ways to improve appearance and persuasiveness of your entire team.

Fee: $500. Guaranteed value . If you don’t completely agree, full-refund.

If there were 30 ways to raise your team’s batting average you would at least want to know how, right?

The $500 can be applied to any future on-site training occurring within 60 days of receiving your company’s 30 Ideas for Improvement. 

Do it for the Team, Now!

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"Before training our people pretty much winged it. Now you can see the confidence and enthusiasm in the people he’s coached." 
- Jeff Stiner, President, Kajima Build & Design Group

The goal is not making everyone into a cardboard cut-out of a slick fast-talker, but rather help them be themselves, their best selves, feeling comfortable in their own skin, presenting strong evidence that identifies strategic advantages over competitors. We believe straight talking, from a base of honesty, spoken with some passion for the work sells better than a truck bed full of slides. 

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations.

Like baseball, some teams are content to play the game, some play to win. There’s a difference. Professional baseball organizations know that spring training is an annual necessity. Ignoring the call or showing up for practice is what helps distinguish sandlot teams from the major leagues. High performance demands that school is never really out for the pros.    

A great bid presentation won’t guarantee you get the project,
but a poor presentation could cause you to lose work you deserve. 

Get better prepared for the next opportunity NOW!