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Testimonials from Account Executives

"It is amazing how quickly your entire attitude and relationships can improve with the principles taught in this class!"

--Jennifer Payne, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"In addition to the speaking ability, I have learned much more about how to relate to people in a way that makes them feel better about themselves, and makes me feel better about the way that I have addressed them."

--David Floyd, Ingersoll Rand

"Four things stand out: 1. I am now able to stand up in front of a group and feel relaxed. 2. The how to remember names tools really work. 3. I can stand and organize my thoughts. 4. How to listen. This course has really helped me."

--Raul Tamez, Commercial Metals, Inc.

"The course taught me that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. The positive comments and encouragement I received from the instructor and classmates has given me the self-confidence to break through the barrier of anxiety which has held me back for so many years."

--Sam Wheat, MicroSoft

"I strongly urge anyone who is interested in improving their life to get involved in this course immediately!"

--Edie Hegi, Pollack Paper Company

"Because of the experiences in the class, I am better able to present myself and my ideas to individuals or to groups in a more professional and less apprehensive manner. The non-threatening atmosphere of the class really enhanced my improvement."

--Charles Clifton, Chaparral Steel Company

"You may think you're a leader, but I feel you would not be the true leader you personally wanted to be unless you took this course. My first impression was, 'I don't really know if I need this course', but I'm here to tell you, I definitely did. You'll get a complete new outlook on life."

--Tom Herington, Lone Star Institutional Grocers

"I'm not brave enough or practical enough to say, 'practice makes perfect' but after five weeks, I would like to say I feel 'new and improved'. Thank you for helping me become a lot more comfortable with myself."

--Sue Cass, FirstWord Temporaries, Inc.

"Your class took me to the next level! Thanks for the vote of confidence."

--Pamela Zitron, Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages

"Thanks for all the help you gave me on my recent presentation. It went great! Clearly, The Leaders Course would be good for anyone whether they ever give a group presentation or not."

--Kurt White, Aggreko Inc.

"The best part of this learning process is that you have given me the tools to continue to grow. I now have more focus and control in my message which is what I was looking for in the very first session. I will always carry with me what I have learned in this class."

--Kelly Ferus, Pacific Care Insurance

"This class enabled me to realize my spirit of enthusiasm in front of a group and in doing so, create a contagious feeling with those I interact with."

--Annette Caper, TDI Advertising

"The class built my confidence and organizational skills for oral presentations. I have used the principles and already many friends and co-workers have noticed a difference. The class flow was good and always energetic."

--Chris Schneider, Glades Pharmaceuticals

"I can't express enough how much this course will benefit me personally and professionally. It's made all the difference in the world and I would and will continue to recommend it to people."

--Bill Arvanites, Champion Paper Int'l

"As a result of taking this class, I was able to get my own television show in Japan! Every session gave me a great chance to practice a necessary skill to be a successful speaker. Thank you."

--Faye Fon, Prime Art Jewelery, Inc.

"I have gained confidence in my ability to speak and communicate with others; to utilize my god-given talent to share and to appreciate those who are striving to better themselves. Thanks for your leadership. You've given me the way to personal success."

--Eve Willis, Camalot Communications, Inc.

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