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Testimonials from Contractors

"Everybody in our office should take this course! "

-Paul Johnson, Director, Beck

"An awesome class! A great investment in your future. "

-Harold MacDowell, President, TDIndustries, Inc.

"The environment was comfortable which allowed me to relax and improve on listening and communication skills. Thanks for a great course!"

-Dick Johnson, VP, Hill &Wilkinson, Ltd.

"After the final bell sounded, I can honestly say this is one of the most dynamic classes I've ever taken and I actually looked forward to each an every week."

-Mike Marti, T.R. Hall Const. Inc.

"The course is not your typical work related business course seminar. You will enjoy the material, the people, and the end benefit."

-Lonnie Satsky, Turner Construction

"It is my opinion that if a person goes into this class with the attitude of giving it a sincere effort, that person will greatly increase his character and certainly will be a better person for having attended."

-Ron Drennan, Humphries & Associates

"Without a doubt, the best course I've been involved in! Being a listening leader is a better way than just being a loud follower."

-Robert Saucedo, Burden Bros. Inc.

"Great instruction. The class involvement is outstanding."

-Alan Curry, C.D. Henderson

"Undoubtedly, the best investment I have done for myself."

-Emilio Postel, Baker Drywall

"The Leaders Course is special and different from other courses. It opens windows in people that normally would always remain shut."

-Travis R. Tibbetts, Rogers-O'Brien Const. Co.

"This is THE class to rid your fear of public speaking and how to improve your leadership skills in all circumstances."

-Larry Pate,TDIndustries, Inc.

"This experience is worth the effort. Your latent abilities are exercised and positively reinforced. Highly recommended for all."

-Jim Parr, Northwest Construction

"Great course to enable you to go out and build up others - which actually builds a team and yourself to no end. Thanks!!"

-Mark G. Tomamichel, The Beck Group

"With all of the tools and techniques provided in this course, you can only better your leadership skills. Really helped me build self-confidence and my communication skills."

-Mark Leatherwood, Charter Builders, Inc.

"Not only did I learn to remember names, but also the leadership principles I learned will help me bring other leaders up through the ranks of the company. I also took an abundance of life lessons from the class. Excellent job!"

-Neal C. Crain, Paul Pogue, Inc.

"I got a better understanding of the importance of praise for all those around us."

-Mark Biggs, Maffco Construction

"This class has taught me how to listen, be proactive, stand up for what you want in life, humbled me, and helped me organize thoughts a lot more."

-Tony Waweru, Centex Construction

"This course greatly helps people improve their confidence, enthusiasm, understanding, listening ability, the ability to give sincere appreciation, and to ask not demand."

-Larry Hummel, James R. Thompson, Inc.

"We have received a tremendous response from the class. The program is focused, on track, and in tune with where they want to go. It seems to bring out the best in people."

-Jack Baxley, Dallas QUOIN

"This course dramatically improved my group leadership and speaking abilities. Definitely worth the time and effort."

-Kenny Byers, The Frymire Co., Gen.Super.

"The program gives basic people principles that helps us become more effective communicators and motivators. The course helps people build lasting relationships with others."

-Ed West, Humphrey & Associates, VP

"In today's fast paced world, you need to have balance. This class has given me some new tools to create more balance at work and home."

-Sean Maxey, The Beck Group, Supt.

"The principles learned in this program are values and practices that enable us to achieve our goals and fulfill our desires."

-R. Carl Lee, Terra-Mar, CME Manager

"I really enjoyed this class. It helped me become more confident speaking to groups, become a more active listener, and become a better leader by applying simple principles that get results."

-Jose D. Solis, TDIndustries, Supervisor

"I feel like I carry myself a little better and walk a little taller after each class. This confidence has caused my attitude to be more positive on a consistent basis."

- Pat Meadors, TEXO

"I stretched my comfort-zone, gained confidence in public speaking, and improved my people skills."

-Mark Nyquist, Dyna Ten, Exec. VP

"The listening skills learned in the class have been and will be very valuable to me in both business and my personal life."

- Roger Pool, Texas Shafts, Inc., VP

"The course builds self-confidence while teaching ways of how to use different methods of being more productive with better results at work."

- John Hines, Westland Construction, VP

"Speaking with power and control, I learned how to express my point, receive feedback, and then work with others to get problems solved."

- Steve Munoz, The DeMoss Co., Supt.

"The course has been a wake up call or reminder in practicing good people principles."

-Jay Hedges, Pyramid Building Systs, Pres.

"I realized the importance of really listening to others and considering their opinions when making decisions."

-Larz Smith, Concrete Penetrating, Pres.

"I think the tools you have laid out for us are tools which can take us a long way in life. Your course will stay with me for years to come."

-Craig Hawkins, Brandt Engineering

"During The Leaders Course, we identified miscommunication that was going on between our corporate office and our field offices. By correcting these challenges, we'll save over $1000 per project. That will add almost $20,000 to my bottom-line this year."

Robert Betancourt, President, Zenith Construction

"Using the method from The Leaders Course, in less than 4-hours, our team was able to plan and implement a process to reduce shrinkage of inventory by as much as $150,000 this year."

Ray Broussard, Regional Manager, Simplex-Grinnell

"This is the first leadership course that I have been through where I took away techniques and processes that I can easily apply to my personal and professional life. The greatest thing about this course is that it is easily tailored to the experiences of the group."

Todd Hagood, Project Mgr., Spawglass Const. Corp

"Probably the best seminar I've ever attended. I suspect the results will be noticed for many years."

Ron LaRicci, Sr. Estimator, Lucia Construction


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