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Fearless & Persuasive Speaking – $17.50
224 pages

A Communication Guide for Leaders

What if every time you stood up to speak to a group you could be yourself -- at your best?

People Principles

People Principles™ Cards – $9.95

Want More Cooperation, Reduced Conflicts, and Improved Morale? Better communications carry-over to a happier home life and a more productive worker.

People Principles™ 40 business-card size cards. Stored in a desktop display that serves as a convenient reminder and resource for how to get along and improve relationships with co-workers, customers and family members.

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Small Talk Is A Big Deal – $4.95
24-page booklet

13 tips on smart small talk
10 conversation killers
20 conversation expanders



Team Building Booklet
52 Principles & Quotes – $4.95
24-page booklet


Meetings: Better Shorter Fewer – $4.95
24-page booklet


Remember More Names – $4.95
24-page booklet


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