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"This course should be taken by every owner, president, manager, and boss with their employees. You will not only have a greater working environment, but also a more productive respectful work group."

Wes Bishop, President, Texas Division, Scott Homes/Communities

"Thank you very much!! The improvement in employees is remarkable."

--Dean Popps, Owner, Dallas/FW Teleport

"Leaders can never stop building strengths. We'll have others from my company grow by taking this course."

--Paul Pogue, Paul Pogue, Inc.

"Thanks for giving us more tools to grow personally and in business. Great job!"

--Chris Strempek, President, Complete Landsculpture

"The Leaders Course sure has a lot of fans here. I've received nothing but positive feedback!"

Julie Tuggle-Training Director, General Motors

"Gained confidence in the ability to speak in front of a group of strangers. Also saw improvement in others as classes went on. Good positive influence and great asset in teaching motivational leadership abilities. Thank you."

--Jim Starling, Starling Richardson

"We have developed new tools to diffuse angry customers and build rapport with people. I feel better that our people are equipped to handle stressful situations--together."

Ron Champion-General Manager, Freightliner

"From the first class when I came and sat down, I had a hard time with the fear. After five weeks, it has become easier and almost fun to speak with expression and meaning. I will suggest this class for everyone."

--Mark Tapp, Managing Director, TC Advertising

"You have the gift of putting people in a comfortable, relaxed state, the perfect environment for receiving and retaining information. You kept the class alive and entertaining. Your ability to hold people's attention span makes you extremely effective. It was a pleasure watching you draw out courage and confidence from the classmates while guiding them into higher and higher levels."

-Bennie Karnes, President, Northeast Division, Centex Homes

"Beyond my personal growth, I was amazed at the change in every person in the class. I'm excited now for my employees!"

--Paul Hudson, Manager, RC Small & Associates

"If you want to communicate to everyone you come into contact with that you are a leader and that you make a difference in this world…you should take this course. You will grow in yourself, your business and your personal life. Leaders use education like The Leaders Course to help avoid the high price you pay for experience."

--Tama Adair, President, On-Hold Exchange

"The course was simple yet very powerful. The tools and techniques 'work.' The environment is incredible warm and supportive. I amazed myself, when I next spoke to a group. I was in a calm and relaxed manner on the way to the podium. The preparation tips for organizing my talk gave me great confidence. A SUPER course for anyone, whether they ever get up in front of a group or not."

--Johnna Edwards, Director, Buckner Childrens Home

"I was a communications major at the University of Texas. In two years of core speech classes, I did not learn as much as I have in this five-week class. This course focuses on developing confidence, thought organization, and the importance of speaking with examples. What's taught here is usable and creates results today. Progress for all was clearly measurable."

--Chris Casselberry, Dallas, Owner, Sandler Sales Systems

"This is a tremendous vehicle to grow your business and yourself personally. Presentation skills are the building blocks of all relationships and the skills practiced in this course are of great value."

--John Bosworth, Principle, The William Beasley Co.

"I find the 40 Principles from The Leaders Course to be a solid foundation for getting cooperation from employees, coworkers, and customers. This program has been a great boost for our sales team."

Spalding Pyron-Dissmore Homes

"We as humans have evolved over the centuries through the act of telling stories. Our very success or failure is often determined by the simple ability to communicate and tell our point of view. Ken Bradford is a master at helping his students unleash their natural story telling skills in the form of public speaking. He helps them confront stage fright, he teaches them valuable "people" skills, and he is a a tremendous mentor."

Philip C. LaBerge, Chief Estimator, Kajima Construction Services


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