For Future Leaders,
Young Constructors, & WIC Meetings
The Name Game

Surprise yourself and everyone else! Even the most memory-challenged at your meeting will learn how to recall more names than they ever thought possible, proving there is no such thing as a bad memory, just trained and untrained ones. Afterwards, enjoy the confidence of being able to recall the names of owners, inspectors and anyone you just met. One person’s magic is just another’s engineering.

How to Advance from Average to Outstanding Listening Skills

Your groups takes a Listening Test, and then trains in the 10 Techniques that teach control, self-confidence and the ability to persuade those around you. Start seeing more cooperation and people telling you “Thank You! I really appreciate your being able to listen well!” Impress even those older than you or more experienced, as you learn to focus whenever you choose to listen like a leader.

Public Speaking – Successful Bid Presentations and Meetings

What if every time you stood up to speak at a presentation or company-wide meeting you could be yourself – at your best? What if you could be even more articulate, charismatic and persuasive…no matter who’s in the crowd? The potential is there if you chose to tap it. Get your whole group groomed in both the technical and artistic skills of public speaking. Conquering fears is a lot easier and less nerve racking when approached with this light-hearted program, where laughing and taking risk are rewarded.

7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Millions read the book. Hundreds of thousands attended the course. So practical and guiding are the 7 principles that it remains the best-selling business book on the New York Times Best-Seller-List since 1989, but how many can recall even half the habits? Everyone in your group will know them, even if there’s a cash bar preceding the program. And of course they’ll learn how in 7 minutes. Prepare yourself to teach these life-long lessons to everyone back on the job or everyone at home, if you want.

These programs and others are regularly delivered to AGC/ABC member groups nationwide. Length is tailored to your meeting’s format. Look into how you can book Ken Bradford for your future meeting by emailing Ken at kenbrad@airmail.net or call 972-814-5758.

Ken is the author of Fearless & Persuasive Speaking, a communication guide for leaders. He facilitates a once-a-week for five week effective speaking course. Since 1996 his training program has been sponsored 186 times by AGC and ABC local chapters. Participants are nominated by member firms to attend the annual event held by their local organization.

For more information on customizing a program in your area
Contact Ken: 972-814-5758 or kenbrad@airmail.net