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Bradford Speaking Method: Overcome Your Public Speaking FearsPublic Speaking: 10 Prevalent Public Speaking Fears

by Ken Bradford

A recent survey of public speaking students revealed the following anxieties when speaking to groups.

1. Rejection

2. Embarrassment

3. Blanking out

4. Noticeable physical symptoms

5. Not knowing the audience

6.  Knowing the audience

7.  Thoughts racing

8.  Losing voice

9.  Not knowing subject

10. Talking too fast or long

Fear Affects Everyone!

When taken seriously, everyone feels the heightened responsibility of addressing a crowd. In the beginning, a speaker’s learning curve is similar to that of a person learning to drive a car.

After you get the feel of the controls and have a series of successful outings you start to relax. Speaking comfort is earned in a similar way.

And like learning to drive, the coaching style of the instructor can make a huge difference in comfort level.

Abilities wither under criticism and blossom under encouragement.
Mahatma Gandhi


Ken Bradford, author of Fearless & Persuasive Speaking, A Communication Guide For Leaders, facilitates a nationwide leadership program for non-profit trade associations. Members nominate participants to attend the annual speaking training. www.
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